Ever wondered what life is like inside IDEO? IDEO Fortnight is a 2-week, intensive internship that invites people from a variety of backgrounds to come and create inside the walls of our Chicago studio.

You'll meet our designers, see how we work, and learn the principles of our Design Thinking methodology. You’ll also work on a project of your own that you'll present to the designers here. That’s right: You + Our Tools + Our Studio + Our Designers = Radness.It’s a minimum-wage gig, BUT you’ll have a good time and learn a lot. Plus, you'll have access to excellent snacks.

We’d prefer it if you lived in or near Chicago, but we’re open to you traveling in from elsewhere if you are. The two most important things: Are you an eager, curious person who likes to create things? Are you self-motivated and self-directed? If so, please answer the following two (2) questions.

Question 1:Create a flyer of who you are and how you like to work

Question 2: Pick two (2) of the following questions to answer:

  • Show us a medical device of the future
  • Reinvent the language of music
  • Design a superhero for 2030
  • Design a product that would make your life today incredibly awesome
  • Sketch a picture of an ideal future world
  • Design something that will alter your state of consciousness
  • Invent a fast food restaurant that will take the world by storm
  • Vinyl, Cassette, CD, mp3...What's next?

Please answer these questions using visuals as the main form of communication (words should be used as support). Don’t do a ton of work. Don’t cover more than one or two sides of paper per challenge. We’re looking for people who see the world in interesting ways and who can imagine ways to make the world better.

Apply to Fortnight. Please include a brief resume (although please note this internship is open to anyone, regardless of background) and your portfolio or link to your website.

Deadline for applications: August 29th

The second session of our Fortnight Internships runs October through November. Take a look into the previous Fortnight. We can talk about which two-week time slot works best for you if you are chosen.